Travel with us to share our passion for the most inspiring regions of France...

Since 2008, Huguette has been crafting unique, personally escorted, small group, journeys and experiences with the promise of unforgettable sensory delights. Huguette is a gastronome and international event and lifestyle consultant, with extended experience in her native Provence region.

She owns French Moods, a US based French lifestyle boutique company, and she knows France best stories and addresses. Delicious food and wines are also an integral part of our journeys. From finest gourmet cuisine to delicious home-cooked fare, our meals are always colorful, authentic and flavorsome and enjoyed in a leisurely French fashion.

We are designing our trips to include the discovery of small, local businesses, artisans and artists. We believe small groups and slow travel fosters greater understanding and real human connection. This is our way to create sustainable tourism benefits both for the intelligent traveler looking for an authentic travel experience and the French tourism community.

Currently we offer three journeys: Provence, French Riviera and French Polynesia.

Come travel with us if you share our vision !

Borie and lavender field in Provence

A Culinary Journey in the Heart of Provence

Come share our passion for the beauty, culture and rich gastronomic traditions of Provence, with many delightful and delicious moments along the way. A memorable journey in the heart of Provence!

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View of Nice bay

A Delectable Voyage on the French Riviera

Join us while we tour the French Riviera captivating scenery and its charming villages. It’s the perfect destination for overall joie de vivre, extraordinary food and wine (think Niçoise cuisine and rosé…) combined with fascinating history and a touch of glamour.

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Ocean and mountains in French Polynesia

An Escape to Nature in French Polynesia

We are crafting an 10 day escape to the islands of Tahiti for the summer of 2020, renowned for their spellbinding nature, incredible sunsets and passionate dances. And yes, Tahiti is French and a short 8 hour flight from the West coast.

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