Nested just beneath Pike Place Market on Western Avenue, Choukette is a quintessential French dessert shop. Exclusively dedicated to irresistible and delicious eclairs. Eclair pastries might seem fairly simple at first: choux pastry dough,  cream filling, and some icing. BUT is is very difficult to find good ones! Look no more and go to Choukette to find the best tasting eclairs made with imported Organic French flour. The selection is incredibly creative and Elizabeth Bastoni and her team are not short when it comes to creativity.

What French Moods love about Choukette

  • Elizabeth Bastoni: she is hadworking, positive, creative and very smart!
  • The creativity of Choukette team when it comes to launch new flavors, shapes, or icings for their eclairs.
  • The possibility to totally custom order any Choukette puff pastries (shapes, flavors, icings, etc.)
  • The option of creating custom eclairs for corporate events (with logo or message)
  • The packaging, very pretty and totally conceptualized to protect your treasured eclairs when you don't eat them on site.

How French Moods work with Choukette

Choukette is one of our favorite choices when it comes to plan for dessert for our events.

Good to know

In France, a Pièce Montée refers to the dessert also known as croquembouche which is an assemblage of cream puffs stuck together with caramel or spun sugar into a tall, usually conical shape. It is the most common wedding dessert!


This classic French pastry will seduce both children and adults at your party or event and will seduce by its originality.

Pike Place Market area | 1500 Western Ave. | 206.209.2243 | Website | Facebook