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What we do

We design experiences, services and products with a unique French flair, so you can effortlessly Add A Little French to Your Life!
If you love France and anything French, you’ll fall in love with our French cooking parties, our French styled events (birthdays, showers, anniversaries, etc.), and our exclusive culinary trips to France.
If  you are interested in adding a bit more of French lifestyle to your every day life or in need of travel advices to plan your next trip to France, you can chat with our dedicated French lifestyle coaches. Check it here.
Of  course we embrace everything we do with French passion !
Huguette, the French Moods founder, is a gastronome and international event and lifestyle consultant. With an extended experience in her native Provence region, she knows France best kept secrets, stories and addresses.
“That’s my way of staying in touch with my inner French, and to share the beauty and richness of my native culture with all the francophiles out there!”
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About our famous Cooking Parties

Let’s move the party to the kitchen and let’s have yummy fun! From lighthearted celebrations to corporate event ideas and cooking challenges, French Moods private cooking parties are a lovely way to create memories. We provide everything needed for our cooking parties including aprons, French decor, French music and a French native Chef!
Book a Cooking Party with French Moods to a Little French to Your Life!

About our Culinary Journeys

Travel with French Moods! We design our trips to deliver unforgettable sensory delights. Discovery of small, local businesses, artisans and artists si part of the experience. We believe micro travel (small groups & slow travel) fosters greater understanding and real human connections. This is our way to create sustainable tourism benefits, both for the intelligent traveler looking for an authentic travel experience, and for the French tourism community. Delicious food and wines are of course an integral part of our journeys. From finest gourmet cuisine to delicious home-cooked fare, our meals are always colorful, authentic and flavorsome, and enjoyed in a leisurely French fashion.
Add a Little French to Your Life with French Moods!
We also offer travel consulting to help you craft the perfect trip to France.


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